Cornyn Visits Guantanamo Bay

In: All News   Posted 08/04/2003

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Judiciary Committee, visited the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, Cuba on Monday to learn how the American operation there is helping the War on Terrorism. Cornyn met with commanding officers, toured the base and saluted the U.S. troops and civilians stationed there."Our operation in Guantanamo Bay is critical to our efforts in the war against terrorism and keeping America safe,” Sen. Cornyn said. “Also, I wanted to see first hand what the conditions are like for those enemy combatants being held in Guantanamo Bay – members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban – enemies in this ongoing war against terrorism.” Cornyn met with the commander of the Joint Task Force Guantanamo, U.S. Army Major General Geoffrey D. Miller. The operation he leads is responsible for the detention and interrogation of enemy combatants apprehended by the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies. "The operational and strategic intelligence gathered by the Joint Task Force will help protect America from future terrorist attacks,” Cornyn said. “I encourage all our men and women serving in Guantanamo Bay to continue their strong dedication and successful mission.” Sen. Cornyn also met with Texas troops stationed in Guantanamo Bay. Approximately one in ten of the men and women serving in the U.S. military call Texas home. This year Cornyn has visited 13 of the 17 military installations in Texas. On a related note, in early July, Cornyn joined eight Senate colleagues for an Armed Services Committee trip to Iraq and the surrounding region. The delegation met with U.S. and Iraqi officials involved in the reconstruction effort. While there, Cornyn visited with Texas military personnel and received briefings from coalition forces and humanitarian organizations.