Guidelines and Information

"Grant" is a general term for the thousands of federal programs available to assist state and local governments, nonprofit social service groups, and community based organizations. This assistance takes many forms, including direct funding, low-interest loans, surplus property, technical advice and assistance, and resources. 

As you consider whether to seek federal assistance for your project, bear in mind that all grant programs are:

  • Targeted: Any given grant program was authorized by Congress to address a particular problem, and to do so within specified parameters. Consequently, a grant will only fund projects and initiatives that fall within the scope of that purpose.
  • Competitive: Grant programs almost always have many more applicants than their available resources can fund. Due to the high demand, even many strong applications fail to receive funding.
  • Conditional: Each federal grant program has its own specifications regarding eligibility criteria, grantee obligations, and reporting requirements. All of these must be strictly adhered to in order to receive funding.

When you search for funding, make sure you are exploring all sources of assistance that might be applicable. In addition to federal government programs, you should consider assistance that might be available through state government agencies, councils of governments, philanthropic institutions and private foundation funding. Grant-making government agencies and foundations whose interest and intentions are consistent with yours will be most likely to provide support. You may find it necessary to solicit funds from a combination of sources, including federal, state, or local programs and grants from private or corporate foundations. You should cast a wide, but targeted, net.

If Senator Cornyn’s office can be of assistance, please contact 202-224-2934 and ask to speak with the Grants Coordinator.