For too long law enforcement on the front lines haven’t had the tools they need to stop the flow of illegal immigration, and this bill will provide both the resources and plan to finally secure the border. The Building America’s Trust Act requires DHS to work together with the communities they serve, and helps boost the flow of commerce through our ports so trade can continue to flourish. I’m grateful for the partnership of my colleagues on this legislation, and I look forward to continuing to work with folks in Texas and Congress to advance this bill.

Original Cosponsors: John Barrasso (R-WY), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Dean Heller (R-NV), and Thom Tillis (R-NC)

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The Building America’s Trust Act has received support from the National Border Patrol Council, National Association of Police Organizations, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition, Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition, National Sheriffs’ Association, and the League of United Latin American Citizens.

What They're Saying

“Cornyn’s plan brings a more reasoned alternative to Trump’s one-size-fits-all, build a border wall approach.” (Juan Castillo, “From Cornyn, a border security plan less Trumpian, more Texas-friendly,” Austin American-Statesman, 8/4/17)

“This legislation takes a wise and measured approach to border security, incorporating the deployment of the National Guard, the allocation of additional federal personnel, the implementation of technology, and most importantly, the funding necessary to accomplish these vital initiatives.” (Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association, Letter to Sen. Cornyn, 8/2/17)

“The Building America’s Trust Act takes crucial steps to eliminating sanctuary jurisdictions, which pose real threats to the American people.” (National Association of Police Organizations, Letter to Sen. Cornyn, 8/3/17)

“Cornyn has a respected understanding of our Valley and the economics of our region, which relies on cross-border trade and eco-tourism.” (Editorial Board, “EDITORIAL: Senate must slow down the border wall,” McAllen Monitor, 8/6/17)

“We agree that this would be a major step in making our borders safe from criminal actions and activities and homeland security threats.” (Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition and the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition, Joint Letter to Sen. Cornyn, 8/3/17)

“Your legislation provides the necessary support and tools that the hard-working men and women of the Border Patrol need to stop illicit trafficking, deter board crossings, and eliminate dangerous criminal cartels.” (National Border Patrol Council, Letter to Sen. Cornyn, 8/3/17)

“I support investing in resources that help state and local law enforcement, improve ports of entry, and leverage technology for multilayered infrastructure that helps secure our borders.” (Roger Rocha, League of United Latin American Citizens, “LULAC President's Reaction to Building America’s Trust Act,” 8/4/17) 

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