Focusing on Healthcare Reform

Obamacare is bad for everyone in the country, which is why I have fought it at every turn.

Senator John Cornyn

Our health care system is broken, but Obamacare, with its prohibitive costs and job-killing policies, isn’t the answer. Rather than waste any more time propping up a costly and unworkable system, we should focus on health reform that brings down costs, increases the quality of and access to care, and preserves the patient-doctor relationship.

I have supported legislation that would help Texans cover out-of-pocket costs, lower the price of prescriptions at the pharmacy counter, and increase the options for lower-premium insurance plans, all while protecting Texans with pre-existing conditions. 

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  • Cosponsored the PROTECT Act to protect Texans with pre-existing conditions and ensure they will never be denied health care coverage or be charged more because of a pre-existing condition. 

  • Supported the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which addresses the failing status quo of Obamacare by helping to stabilize collapsing insurance markets, free Texans from the mandates requiring them to purchase insurance they don’t want and can’t afford, and lower average premiums over time. Importantly, it preserves access to care for people with pre-existing conditions and allows children to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans through age 26.

  • Voted for the Health Care Freedom Act, which eliminates the so-called individual mandate forcing Texans to purchase insurance they can’t afford or can’t use, repeals the employer mandate that has forced companies to cut workers’ hours and take-home pay, gives flexibility to states, and expands the contribution limits for health savings accounts. 

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