Cornyn Votes No on Disastrous Green New Deal

In: All News   Posted 03/26/2019

WASHINGTON – Today U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) voted against the proposed Green New Deal resolution, which no one voted for, including Democrats who support it. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks before the vote are below, and video can be found here.

“Senators will soon have a chance to vote on the Green New Deal.”

“I find it pretty curious that some of our colleagues who were among the first to join these senators and voice their support for this proposal are now among those saying they'll simply vote present.”

“As the vote approaches, we've seen many of our Democratic friends running for the hills trying to provide space between them and this issue.”

“The Green New Deal is chockful of utopian ideas but completely devoid of concrete plans to implement any of its overreaching policies.”

“I find it so ironic that when a few weeks ago one of the Green New Deal creators, the congresswoman from New York, she chose South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, to peddle her socialist agenda.”

“Families in Texas and across the country would be on the hook for more than $65,000 a year in order to finance the Green New Deal's expensive and extravagant promises.”

“Our constituents didn't send us here to Washington to vote present. That's a cop-out.”

“They ought to vote yes or no, but to hide behind some cop-out vote like present is just to take the easy way out. And it's sad that that appears to be the road that many of our friends across the aisle have decided to take rather than to do the job they've been sent here to do.”

“One big power grab by the federal government that ruins the economy, bankrupts us, and frankly doesn't really make things better is a bad deal for Texans.”