Editorial Boards Agree: Senate Should Pass Fix NICS

In: All News   Posted 03/05/2018

The Wall Street Journal: “The bill would tighten an imperfect background-check system and is supported by the National Rifle Association, police associations and the White House… Democrats keep saying they merely want ‘common sense’ gun laws, not a ban, and the Cornyn bill is a test of their sincerity.” (The Wall Street Journal, “Better Background Gun Checks,” 2/20/18)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “The legislation aims to penalize federal agencies that don’t properly report required records used to determine whether someone can legally buy a gun… It might have made a difference where churchgoers were killed in Texas.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pass ‘Fix NICS’: Brush back the NRA and tighten this loophole,” 3/5/18)

Dallas Morning News: “In both practical and symbolic terms, the proposed "Fix NICS Act" to ensure compliance with existing law might do more to keep deadly weapons away from people already prohibited from owning them.” (Dallas Morning News, “Cornyn's 'Fix NICS' proposal for gun checks isn't a cure-all — but it's a start,” 3/2/18)

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “There's been a lot of talk over the last few weeks about "common-sense" gun legislation. This seems to be one of them… Let's get this done.” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Enemy of the Good,” 3/3/18)

San Antonio Express-News: “Most Americans want Congress to do something in response to these mass shootings... This is a relatively easy place to start. It’s narrow, necessary and worthy of bipartisan support.” (San Antonio Express-News, Congress should pass Cornyn’s background check bill,” 2/27/18)

Augusta Chronicle: “We may find there are some helpful reforms we can agree on – particularly when it comes to keeping guns out of the hands of those who exhibit clear signs of danger to themselves or others. The “Fix NICS Act,” introduced after the Texas church shooting that killed 26 last Nov. 5, would penalize federal agencies, and incentivize states, that fail to report red-flag crimes to the NICS – National Instant Criminal Background Check System.” (Augusta Chronicle, On talking with children: First, act like adults,” 2/26/18)

Beaumont Enterprise: “A bill by Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas and Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut would help the flawed National Instant Criminal Background Check System do its job better… Both parties should support this common-sense effort, and they can start by passing the Fix NICS Act.” (Beaumont Enterprise, EDITORIAL: Nation needs Cornyn bill on gun background checks,” 2/26/18)

Stamford Advocate: “The bipartisan Fix NICS ACT, co-authored by Murphy, would ensure criminal history records are accurately reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. These are common sense measures to strengthen the existing systems, for which there should be no disagreement.” (Stamford Advocate, Editorial: Rising youth fury could spark action — finally,” 2/22/18)