Ending the Backlog

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 08/16/2019

One thing I've noticed during my time as a lawmaker is that Congress can usually come together on the issue of victims' rights, something I've advocated for since I was Texas Attorney General.

That's why I authored the Debbie Smith Act, which provides funding for DNA analyses of crime scenes that can lead to answers for victims and exonerations for the wrongly accused.

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I'm proud to say this bill passed the Senate unanimously on May 3. But here we are nearly four months later and the bill has stalled in the House. 

It's not fair to Debbie Smith and other victims of sexual assault that we can't pass this bipartisan bill that's being negotiated in good faith by members on both sides of the aisle. 

Debbie has requested to meet with leadership in the House, and I have strongly encouraged them to take the time to talk to Debbie and hear her perspective on why this legislation is so critical and why it must be passed now.

Getting justice for crime victims isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. Together, we can help Texans like Debbie if we pass the Debbie Smith Act.