Green New Deal

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 03/15/2019

Last month, several House and Senate Democrats introduced a resolution calling for America to adopt the “Green New Deal.” It’s being billed as a way to fight climate change and strengthen our already strong economy. In reality, it’s just a half-baked socialist policy. And it would be a raw deal for Texas.

I never thought in my entire life that I would have to speak about the perils of socialism – but here we are.

Socialism cannot provide what capitalism can. That’s a lesson Boris Yeltsin learned almost 30 years ago at a grocery store in Clear Lake, Texas.

The Houston Chronicle reported that he gawked at the produce, fresh fish, and cheese samples. He was stunned at what was a far cry from the Soviet Union’s grocery stores.

Truth is, policies born out of the new rise of socialism in the Democrat party aren’t going to raise up the most disadvantaged people in our society while keeping Texas an economic powerhouse.

Texas is the envy of the nation, and we’re successful because we keep taxes low, government spending restrained, and regulations at a minimum to give people freedom to pursue their dreams and prosper.

The “Green New Deal” would tighten the grip of government, bankrupt our state, and is counter to the values we hold as Texans.

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