Green Raw Deal

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 03/29/2019

This week, the Senate took a consequential vote for Texas – a vote on a resolution calling for America to adopt a “Green New Deal.”

Not a single Senator voted in favor of it.

This isn’t about lowering carbon emissions or finding cleaner energy – it’s about saying no to the litany of far-left proposals that would leave American families footing the bill to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

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The Green New Deal is a grab bag of socialist policies, heavy environmental regulations and unprecedented government handouts – promising Medicare for All, free college, and guaranteed jobs. And forget reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this resolution calls for eliminating them within 10 years. As if that wasn’t enough, the Green New Deal calls for overhauling every building in America to meet strict new efficiency codes.

If the government overreach doesn’t concern you, the price tag should. One report found that the Green New Deal could cost as much as $93 trillion. That’s more than the U.S. has spent in its entire existence.

And Texas families would foot the bill, costing you an estimated $65,000 a year. 

What’s been billed as an economy invigorator and job innovator in order to rescue the middle class, is really anything but. The bottom line is that this proposal is a solution in search of a problem.

That's why instead of focusing on overreaching regulations that we know would bankrupt our country, we should follow the Texas model – one that values collaboration and partnership with the private sector in order to create affordable and cutting-edge solutions. It’s a model based on innovation that has been the backbone of our successful economy. 

Read my full op-ed in the Houston Chronicle here.

The Green New Deal is bad for Texans, it’s counter to our Texas values, and that’s why I voted against it.