Happy Veterans Day

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 11/12/2018

This Veterans Day, please join me in thanking all who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Throughout our nation’s history, many brave men and women have answered the call to defend our nation.  I am grateful for each and every American who has stepped up to serve, and today I am reminded of the many Texas veterans who have donned our nation’s uniform.

More than one in 12 veterans have chosen to live in Texas, no doubt thanks in part to our state’s welcoming and patriotic nature. It is said that “Texas Defends America,” and when I reflect on the long, decorated list of veterans that have called our state home, I believe it to be true.

We owe these men and women a great deal of appreciation and support—today and every day. So to all veterans in Texas, thank you. We are grateful for your service, daily sacrifice, and dedication to this nation.

May God bless each veteran and their family, and may God continue to bless Texas and the United States of America.