A Humane Solution

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 05/03/2019

Living in a border state, we Texans know firsthand the severity of the humanitarian crisis at our southern border. 

Officers and agents are pulling double-duty as law enforcement officers and caregivers for children and, as a result, are struggling at both. 

Customs agents are being pulled off their duty line at our nation’s ports to process migrants, NGOs and community organizations are unable to keep pace, and cities and counties along the border are bearing a heavy burden. 

That’s why I joined Congressman Henry Cuellar to introduce the bipartisan HUMANE Act this week. Importantly, it includes provisions that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on. 

The HUMANE Act will make long-overdue reforms to our immigration laws to address the current crisis. 

It won’t fix every problem, but it’s a crucial first step.  

I hope we’ll soon have the opportunity to take this up in the Judiciary Committee and get it through the Senate so we can provide fast relief for those struggling to manage the crisis.  

Read more about the HUMANE Act here and watch the press conference below.