Modern-Day Slavery

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 07/10/2017

In Texas, there are tens of thousands of victims living in the shadows of a hidden crime: human trafficking.
But there is much being done to fight this scourge on society and end what amounts to modern-day slavery in our own backyards.
The Judiciary Committee recently passed a bill I introduced, the Abolish Human Trafficking Act, which would provide support to the survivors of human trafficking and the law enforcement agencies working to combat it.  This legislation builds upon the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, a bill I authored that became law in 2015.

Sen. Cornyn speaks at the Letot Center in Dallas, a safe haven for young women who have experienced the horror of crimes like trafficking

The Abolish Human Trafficking Act would strengthen and reauthorize programs for survivors and provide resources for raising awareness and preventing this heinous crime.
I am proud to have worked across the aisle to advance this legislation, and I look forward to getting it to the President’s desk.