The Next Supreme Court Justice

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 04/04/2017

This week, the Senate will vote on the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Throughout this process, America has seen Judge Gorsuch’s incredible intellect, sterling character and devotion to the rule of law. Objections raised by Democrats against him just don’t hold up.

Judge Gorsuch is no extremist or judicial activist. He enjoys broad, bipartisan support. Of the thousands of cases he decided, 97% were unanimous decisions where every judge on the panel supported the final result. In 99% of them, he was in the majority. Senate Democrats had no reservations about his qualifications back in 2006, when the Chamber unanimously confirmed him to the job he holds now.

Questioning Judge Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing.

Democrats continue to claim Judge Gorsuch sides with big companies over sympathetic individuals. An examination of his record shows that this is not true, but it is also beside the point. A good judge does not judge the litigants, but the case. His motivation in each and every case is simple: to follow the law wherever it leads.

During the hearing, Democrats tried to make Judge Gorsuch declare how he might rule in specific cases. As a sitting federal judge, ethical obligations prevent him from answering questions like that, which is why Justices Ginsburg and Kagan acted similarly in their confirmation hearings. 

The reality is there is no intellectually honest argument against Judge Gorsuch. He respects democracy and the separation of powers, and is one of the most qualified nominees in recent history. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. If Democrats successfully block his nomination, then there's no Republican nominee they will support. I’m looking forward to seeing Judge Gorsuch confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice.