Remembering 41

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 12/09/2018

This week, we said goodbye to former President George H.W. Bush after his passing at the age of 94.

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“We know to his family he was a loving and caring father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. To his country, he was a devoted public servant who fought to defend our freedoms and led the nation at the end of the Cold War and at the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

“After graduating from college, he went to Midland, Texas, kind of an improbable place to go in those days, but he wanted to get involved in the oil business.”

“He later, after his successes in Midland, Texas in the Permian Basin, which continues to be one of the greatest reserves of oil and gas in the United States, he went on to Houston and grew his business and ultimately, as I said earlier, ran for Congress.”

“Even though Texas was an adopted home for him, Texans loved and embraced him, as we did the entire Bush family. We were privileged to have President Bush as one of our own."

“He once said, ‘I’m a Texan and an American. What more could a man ask for?’ I don't think anyone could have said it better.”

“Throughout his time in public service and even afterwards, he could have moved anywhere in the world, but he chose to live his life in Texas, and in the warm embrace of the state and the people he loved.” 

“President Bush felt a kindred spirit at Texas A&M University, choosing it first to bear his legacy through his presidential library and a graduate school of government and public service, and then later to be his and Barbara Bush's final resting place.” 

“President Bush, I think, identified with the university's unique culture, including its inculcation of patriotic values and the emphasis it places on hard work and public service.”