Rescuing Americans from Obamacare

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 06/26/2017

This week, Senate Republicans released a draft health care bill, a critical step in rescuing Americans from Obamacare. In the coming days, we will listen to feedback from both sides of the aisle to build on this health care reform proposal to create a better way for Texans get the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

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This draft will help stabilize insurance markets that have left millions with no options, while freeing Texans from mandates that force them to purchase insurance they don’t want or can’t afford. It preserves access to care for those with pre-existing conditions and allows children to stay on their parents’ health care through age 26. For Medicaid recipients, it strengthens the program by giving states more flexibility and ensuring those who rely on it don’t have the rug pulled out from under them.

Right now, one out of every three counties in Texas has only one insurance option. Premiums in Texas have gone up 82 percent in the past four years alone. It’s time you have options for your health care. You can read a more detailed summary here, and access the full text of the draft here.