Supporting Our Texas Farmers

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 12/14/2018

This week, the Senate passed the final Farm Bill, which includes a number of priorities Texas farmers and ranchers have shared with me.

From making sure one bad harvest doesn’t bankrupt a family-owned farm to supporting our cotton industry after Hurricane Harvey, this legislation will keep Texas agriculture strong while ensuring food prices remain affordable.

This Farm Bill reflects countless conversations with those who know Texas agriculture best, including provisions to strengthen crop insurance, maintain cotton eligibility for the Farm Bill safety net, and promote animal health by countering livestock diseases.

However, the Farm Bill isn’t just for farmers. This bill will safeguard our nation’s food supply, promote environmental conservation, support research partnerships at Texas universities, and help modernize American textile mills.

The success of agriculture in Texas affects us all. I'm proud to see this final package head to the president's desk and look forward to all the good it will do for our farmers and small businesses in Texas.

View the full list of Texas priorities in the Farm Bill here.