Texas Editorial Boards Praise Cornyn’s Fix NICS Act

In: All News   Posted 11/27/2017

“The measure deserves full bipartisan support. This is not a new gun law…Cornyn’s legislation is an important update to the nation’s background check system.” (“Americans Want Background Checks for Gun Sales,” San Antonio Express-News, 11/24/2017)

“Second Amendment advocates who regularly stress the need to enforce existing gun laws rather than forging new laws should welcome Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s Fix NICS Act, which proposes to do just that…It’s about time.” (“Editorial: Cornyn Bipartisan Gun Bill Would Bolster Our Existing Laws, Background Checks,” Waco Tribune, 11/18/2017)

“But there was a modest break from the Party line by our own U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, who has introduced legislation that could help prevent future massacres...Cornyn's proposals for stronger background checks and preventing terrorists from buying guns aren't a bad start.” (“Editorial: After Sutherland Springs,” Houston Chronicle, 11/11/2017

“And in that light, the real power of what Cornyn proposed this week goes well beyond his common-sense call for more effective background checks. Cornyn made his case by saying what many opponents of gun control have refused to say for years. He said tougher laws, and stronger enforcement of existing laws, can both reduce gun violence.” (“Editorial: Two Texas Republicans are Breaking with Party and NRA After Sutherland Springs,” Dallas Morning News, 11/9/2017)