Well... they did it

In: The Lonestar Weekly   Posted 11/01/2019

House Democrats have voted in favor of moving forward with ousting President Trump from office, despite the fact that only 34% of Texans supported impeachment in a poll this summer.

Republicans and some Democrats opposed this vote yesterday.

Instead of focusing solely on removing the President from office, Democrats should be focused on working with us to solve our nation's big challenges: lowering prescription prices, ending mass violence, and fixing our roads and bridges.

Some things House Democrats could be doing to help America instead of obsessing over impeachment:

  • Give our troops a pay raise by passing the National Defense Authorization Act
  • Lower Texans’ costs at the pharmacy by passing my Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Act
  • Help prevent mass shootings by passing my RESPONSE Act
  • Ratify the USMCA, a 21st Century Trade Deal that adds 180,000 American jobs
  • Fund much-needed infrastructure development

House Democrats' preoccupation with moving forward on impeachment will make solving these big challenges facing our country nearly impossible.

Their impeachment effort is solely a political exercise, and it's a political exercise to defeat President Trump. Cooler heads will prevail here in the United States Senate.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to work with my colleagues to do what you sent me here to do – work on behalf of 28 million Texans for the American people.

For Texas,