Priorities And Limits

In: All News   Posted 02/03/2003

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, joined Chairman Don Nickles, (R-Okla), and his colleagues on the committee Monday to receive President Bush’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2004. "The President’s budget request recognizes the priorities and sets the limits that the government will spend. It is a crucial blueprint for the coming year as we address the fiscal challenges of our nation,” said Sen. Cornyn. “I was encouraged to see what the President provided in the areas of national defense, homeland security, domestic initiatives and economic growth, while maintaining the fiscal discipline necessary to ensure the future prosperity of the nation.” the President’s budget emphasizes these major goals: To win the war on terrorism, defend the homeland, create economic growth and restrain the growth in federal spending as well as address the long-term fiscal challenges presented by Medicare and Social Security."I am confident that this Congress will take up these important priorities soon,” said Sen. Cornyn. “But first, we must pass a budget resolution, something the last Congress failed to do.” Last week, the Budget Committee held hearings on the state of the economy, and this week will hold two additional hearings with top-level administration officials to discuss the details of the President’s proposal.