San Antonio Pastor Serves As Senate Guest Chaplain

In: All News   Posted 09/04/2003

Pastor Max Lucado of San Antonio was the guest chaplain of the U.S. Senate on Thursday. A guest chaplain has the honor of opening the Senate day of business with a prayer. Sen. John Cornyn, who invited Pastor Lucado, made the following statement on the floor of the Senate as a tribute to him:"Mr. President, I rise today to say a few words about Pastor Max Lucado, who opened the Senate in prayer this morning. "Pastor Lucado is the minister for the Oak Hills Church of Christ in San Antonio, Texas. He has a wonderful wife, Denalyn, and he is a loving father to his children, Jenna, Andrea, and Sara. He is the author of multiple bestsellers, currently has more than 33 million books in print, and is America’s leading inspirational author."A half a century ago, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote about the difference between “cheap grace” and ‘costly grace’ when it comes to our faith. Cheap grace requires nothing of us but vague sentiment – but costly grace requires a lifetime of faithful sacrifice and service. Someone who understands and embraces that kind of costly grace with a whole heart is a true disciple. By that definition, Pastor Lucado is a man who exemplifies what a disciple is and can be."I thank Pastor Lucado for his service, to Texas, to America, and to the Creator who chose to set a disciple like him among us, for such a time as this."Thank you, Mr. President.”