Texas Veterans Initiative

Improving Veterans' Access to Health Care

  • For too long, our veterans have faced consistent hurdles to accessing VA health care, especially when it comes to dealing with long wait times at VA facilities.
  • By increasing congressional oversight and forcing compliance with the VA’s own scheduling benchmarks and rules, The Veterans’ Health Care Integrity Act will hold the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs accountable.
  • This bill requires each VA medical facility director to annually certify (under penalty of perjury) compliance with the VA’s scheduling Directive, which provides explicit guidelines and timetables for appointment scheduling. 
  • If local VA health officials do not comply with these requirements, Senator Cornyn’s legislation will prohibit them from receiving awards or bonuses.
  • This legislation also makes 25 additional senior VA positions subject to Senate confirmation, so we can make sure our veterans have the best, brightest, and most ethical officials serving them.
  • This bill ensures the VA complies with its own policies, enhances Congress’s ability to conduct oversight, and strengthens the accountability mechanisms in place to ensure senior VA officials are focused on delivering timely service to our veterans. 

Incentivizing Law Enforcement Agencies to Hire Veterans

  • Our veterans have valuable skills that can keep our communities safe. The American Law Enforcement Heroes Act will encourage state state and local govenrments to hire U.S. veterans as law enforcement officers via grant funding.
  • Not only will it give law enforcement access to skilled veterans while hiring, it will also ease the transition for these veterans from military service into civilian life.
  • This bill puts this preference in the law by incentivizing agencies through financial reimbursement for training and uniforms.
  • This legislation is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Enabling Veterans to Better Plan for Their Future

  • Under current law, service members are limited in how they save for retirement through both their pension and personal retirement plan.
  • While the 2015 Defense Authorization bill created a first-ever financial match from the military to veterans' retirement contributions, the IRS caps the amount veterans can save through their civilian jobs. 
  • The Servicemember Retirement Improvement Act fixes that problem by allowing veterans to contribute the maximum to both their civilian and military retirement plans.
  • A coalition of military service organizations including the Association of the United States Army, Military Officers Association of America, National Guard Association of the U.S., and the Retired Enlisted Association support this bill.

Holding VA Management Accountable

  • VA senior executives are not being held accountable, with the Obama Administration unable or unwilling to fire the worst among them. 
  • By amending the Veterans Choice Act, we can allow inadequate VA officials to be removed more easily.
  • This change would give the President the final word in dismissing VA officials, increasing accountability at the VA and at the top of the Administration itself.

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