U.s. Senator John Cornyn Raises Issue of Mexico’s Water Debt With Secretary Of State Colin Powell

In: All News   Posted 02/11/2003

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Colin Powell appeared before the Senate Budget Committee on Tuesday. Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the Budget Committee, used the opportunity to discuss Mexico’s failure to comply with an interim agreement to deliver 200,000 acre-feet of water by January 31st."Folks in the agriculture business in South Texas have been devastated by Mexico’s failure to live up to its obligation,” said Sen. Cornyn. “I am disturbed by Mexico’s most recent failure to abide by an interim agreement which at least promised some hope to South Texas farmers.” Sen. Cornyn reminded Sec. Powell that he is “very concerned” about the water crisis and asked Sec. Powell his thoughts as further negotiations began today in San Diego. Sec. Powell replied that this issue “receives the highest level of attention in the administration.” He asked that the State Department be given the opportunity to resolve the situation: “Let us continue to pound away. We are pressing them very hard.” Three possible suggestions have been raised in the past year should Mexico not comply with the treaty: 1) Sanctions against Mexican agricultural produce. 2) Renegotiation of the Colorado River Treaty that sends Colorado River water to Mexico. 3) Termination of the 1944 Treaty entirely.To listen to the entire Budget Committee hearing exchange between Sen. Cornyn and Sec. Powell, please visit the following web address: http://src.senate.gov/radio/files/Cornyn_John_117/Mexicocornyn2-11.mp3