Valley Water Conservation

In: All News   Posted 01/23/2003

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. John Cornyn on Thursday urged senior administration officials to allocate $40 million for water conservation projects in the Rio Grande Valley. Sen. Cornyn wrote the three U.S. board members of the North American Development (NAD) Bank – Secretary of State, Colin Powell, acting Secretary of the Treasury, Kenneth Dam, and EPA Administrator, Christine Todd Whitman – to request that the $40 million in retained earnings be directed to the region in an effort to alleviate conditions associated with the water dispute. "These U.S.-designated funds will enable the irrigation districts and farmers of South Texas to make more efficient use of valuable water resources by reducing leakage and evaporation,” Cornyn wrote in the letter. “While NAD Bank is drafting regulations to be used in disbursing the retained earnings, I urge you to prioritize the needs of Texans suffering economically from a lack of water caused by Mexico’s actions.” Sen. Cornyn met with senior members of the State Department and National Security Council last week to urge compliance of the 1944 U.S.-Mexico Water Treaty. Cornyn has also highlighted the infrastructure needs of South Texas, particularly the aging canals and water conservation projects waiting NAD Bank funding.