Fall, Spring, and Summer internships are available in six of our state offices and in Washington, D.C. Interns may be eligible to receive financial compensation and/or class credit in accordance with their school’s internship program policy. To receive financial compensation, interns must work a minimum of 16 hours per week and receive approval from their school’s internship program.

Apply for an Internship

Spring semester internships: Completed application packets are due the first Friday in November.

Summer internships: Completed application packets are due the first Friday in March.

Summer internships for 2023 will occur in two sessions:

Summer Session 1:

June 5th – June 30th

Summer Session 2:

July 3rd – July 28th

Fall semester internships: Completed application packets are due the first Friday in July.

In order to apply for an internship, students must have graduated from high school, completed at least one semester of college classes, and have at least one semester of course work remaining before they obtain their undergraduate degree. Graduates and Graduate students may not apply.
In addition to a completed Internship Application Form, students must submit:
  • Resume
  • Official college transcript
  • Two letters of Recommendation
  • Essays: Typed, double-spaced 12-point font, 400 word minimum per essay.
    • Why do you want to intern for Senator Cornyn?
    • Which of Senator Cornyn’s policy stances do you most appreciate and why?