Senator Cornyn

Cornyn Calls for Permanent Solution for DACA Recipients from Congress, White House

June 18, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policies. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found here.

“In spite of the fact he, numerous times, said he did not have the authority to do so, he proceeded to issue a memorandum that gave rise to the DACA program. So rather than rolling up our sleeves and working together to create lasting immigration policy, President Obama chose to do this through an executive memorandum.”

“These young people deserve better.”

“DACA recipients must have a permanent legislative solution. They deserve nothing less. These young men and women have done nothing wrong.”

“They’ve defended our freedoms in the United States military. Many of these young people are in their 30s now with careers, families, plans, hopes, and dreams of their own. So the uncertainty about their status and what will happen to them is no less terrifying for them than it would be for any of us.”

“I believe the Supreme Court has thrust upon us a unique moment and an opportunity. We need to take action and pass legislation that will unequivocally allow these young men and women to stay in the only home, in the only country, they’ve known.”

“They deserve to know that when they apply to college, grow up their families, live their lives, and do all the things everybody else wants to do, that they can do so without a dark cloud hanging over their plans.”

“In order to come up with a solution, it’s going to take buy-in from the Senate, the House, and the White House.”

“Most recently, I’ve been having conversations about the most efficient and effective way to protect these young people in the long-term, and I’m willing to work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, who’s interested in solving the problem.”

“I’ve engaged with the Texas Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, LULAC, Catholic Bishops and a number of other individuals and organizations that share my commitment to providing certainty for these young people. I hope we can come together and help them. These folks want nothing more than to continue to be part of the American dream.”