Senator Cornyn

Cornyn Lend-Lease Bill Will Aid Ukraine in the Face of Russian Invasion

February 1, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed the rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia as well as the United States’ responsibility to help Ukraine defend itself against any incursion by Russian forces. Sen. Cornyn also mentioned his bipartisan Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act, which would authorize the President to enter into lend-lease agreements directly with Ukraine and provide military equipment necessary to protect vulnerable civilian populations from a Russian military invasion. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s remarks are below, and video can be found here.

“The United States and the rest of the world is waiting for President Biden to step up to the challenge. I believe we have a responsibility to stand with Ukraine and help its people defend its sovereignty and its democracy. Now, that doesn’t mean American troops on the ground, but there are other ways we can help Ukraine defend itself and raise the costs of a threatened Russian invasion into their country.”

“I’ve introduced bipartisan legislation called the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act to ensure that Ukrainian forces have the resources they need to deter and defend against Russian aggression. I’m proud to have worked with senior members of the Armed Services Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee, people like Senators Cardin, Wicker, Shaheen, Graham, Blumenthal, Sullivan, and Hassan on this legislation, which will give the Administration, give President Biden more flexibility and more efficiency when it comes to being that arsenal of democracy for Ukraine. As it stands today, the President of the United States has a menu of options to support our friends and allies in times of conflict. In some cases, like the loan of equipment, the United States could eventually retain end use. In others, this would make clear we would support grants or emergency aid where we would not recover the funding or assets sent to our allies.”

“This is one important way we can send a message to our friends and allies around the world that you are not alone, that America can be trusted, that our commitments are credible and they will be met not just with words, but with action. Thanks to the leadership of Chairman Menendez of the Foreign Relations Committee and Ranking Member Risch, I’ve been proud to work with this bipartisan group of colleagues to discuss not just this lend-lease legislation, but a more comprehensive approach to counter Russian aggression. We’ve discussed the lend-lease bill as well as additional security assistance and lethal aid for Ukraine.”