Senator Cornyn

Cornyn on Fox: President Exercised Constitutional Authority on Iran, Ball in Pelosi’s Court on Impeachment

January 6, 2020

WASHINGTON –Today on Fox News’ The Daily Briefing, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed last week’s American military operation in Iran and Speaker Pelosi’s delay in sending Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Excerpts of his interview are below, and video can be found here.

On the strike that killed Soleimani:

“I don’t expect Senator Schumer to endorse anything that President Trump or this Administration does. I’ve read the war powers notification. It’s up to the President whether to declassify it or not, but I doubt even if he did that Senator Schumer or perhaps some of the most partisan Democrats on the other side of the aisle would be satisfied.”

“The President did exercise his authority under the Constitution to defend the United States and its interests. I think our friends on the other side are looking for some reason to disagree. We didn’t see this kind of partisan division when President Obama decided to take out Osama bin Laden.”

On the House’s refusal to send the Articles of Impeachment:

“Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have had this impeachment inquiry in their hands for months, and now appear to be getting cold feet in presenting the case. To me, it doesn’t speak well of their confidence in their case that they feel like they need to go outside the record developed in the House of Representatives.”

“What we think would be fair is for President Trump to be treated exactly the way that President Clinton was when he went through this process, and that’s what Majority Leader McConnell has offered, but that doesn’t satisfy Senator Schumer, who wants a repetition of the circus-like atmosphere in the House.”

“I share Senator Graham’s frustration that after being told this is a compelling matter of upholding the Constitution and holding the presidency accountable, that Speaker Pelosi’s refused to send the Articles over because she knows what the outcome is likely to be given the 67-vote threshold. So I doubt Senate Democrats would join us in this effort to start the trial, and I think the ball is in Speaker Pelosi’s court.”