Senator Cornyn

Cornyn on Senate Passage of National Security Supplemental

February 13, 2024

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) released the following statement after the Senate passed the national security supplemental funding legislation:

“I am disappointed that the national security supplemental appropriation failed to achieve a secure border, but in the end, if President Biden won’t enforce current laws, I have no confidence he will enforce any new ones. We need to elect a President who will enforce all our laws in order to secure the border. Still, I was supportive of all efforts to amend the bill to include tougher border security measures, which Democrats, unfortunately, successfully blocked.”

“But the fact remains that the global threat landscape today is more complex than any point since World War II. This legislation replenishes our military stockpiles and addresses the biggest national security threats we face, from Hamas’ horrific attacks on Israel to China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

“In order to deter China’s threats in the Indo-Pacific, and win in any conflict, America needs cutting-edge weapons and the capacity to quickly produce them, and this legislation makes important progress toward that goal.”

“For months, Senator Schumer has refused to bring the House-passed Israel aid bill for a vote. This was the Senate’s only opportunity to support our closest ally in the Middle East, and I’m glad we have done so.”

“While this bill leaves much to be desired and the process that led us here was deeply flawed, our national security is on the line. Given the damage the Biden administration has done to our standing on the world stage, this bill represents a renewal of essential American leadership.”