Senator Cornyn

“He Won’t Meet With Us”

July 26, 2021

After Tweeting Pictures of Underwear, Fundraising, and Spreading COVID-19, Texas Democrats in DC Are ‘Just Pissed Off’

WASHINGTON –Texas Democrats continue to ignore their jobs in Austin and carry on their media tour in Washington with no end game in sight. By now everyone knows they are super-spreaders, but that’s not all they’ve done while in D.C. And the one thing they say they’re here to do – get a meeting with President Biden – isn’t happening. 

State Representative Richard Peña Raymond: “‘[President Biden] won’t meet with us… I’m just pissed off at this point.’” (Brandon Mulder and Madlin Mekelberg, “’I’m just pissed off at this point’: Frustration mounts as Texas Democrats fail to secure Biden meeting,” Austin American-Statesman, 7/23/21)

Dallas Democrats: “Our Dems in DC said they’d appreciate care packages from home. Before 5pm Tues, we’re collecting Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy, hairspray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid, and/ or $ to pay shipping. TY!” (Tweet, 7/24/21)

State Representative Donna Howard: “You bet we’re recognizing & honoring our country’s heritage...” 

(@DonnaHowardTX, 7/15/2021) 


State Representative Gene WuThis is a serious sacrifice for many members”

  • “Here @FoxNews. I made this for you. I hope you like it”

(@GeneforTexas, 7/14/2021)

State Representative Michelle Beckley: “We are having a ridiculous session that is just for the Governor’s primary.” (Tweet, 7/14/2021)

State Representative Vikki Goodwin: “The Gov. could end Special Session and move on to more important issues. With a spike in COVID cases, and the Delta variant on the rise… Vaccines & masks…required.” (Tweet, 7/23/21)