Senator Cornyn

On Fox, Cornyn Discusses Pelosi’s Doomed $3 Trillion ‘Relief’ Bill

May 15, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed Speaker Pelosi’s partisan coronavirus legislation and the Senate’s plan for additional relief. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s interview are below, and video can be found here.

On Speaker Pelosi’s $3 Trillion Relief Bill:

“She’s having trouble getting Democrats in the House to vote for it because they realize this is not a serious effort to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.”

“So far, we’ve been largely successful displacing political considerations and trying to rise to the occasion and to address the COVID-19 crisis.”

“This is not a serious effort. This is more of a messaging offer, but it’s not really a serious offer.”

On Additional Coronavirus Relief in the Senate :

“I’m confident there will be a next bill, but it won’t look anything like what Nancy Pelosi has floated out there.”

“There is no arbitrary timeline, but a lot of the money that we’ve already voted for it isn’t even out the door yet. So we want to see how what we’ve done is working, and then we will respond to the additional need.”