Senator Cornyn

Senate Passes Cornyn, Cruz, Kelly Bill to Expand Starr-Camargo Bridge

July 28, 2023

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators John Cornyn (R-TX), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) released the following statements after theirStarr-Camargo Bridge Expansion Act, which would give authority to increase the number of lanes for the toll bridge or allow a rail line to be built that runs from Rio Grande City, Texas, to Mexico and facilitates hundreds of millions of dollars in cross-border trade, passed the Senate: 

“The Starr-Camargo Bridge has been invaluable to the economy of South Texas and the nation,” said Sen. Cornyn. “Expanding this international bridge will help ease congestion and supply chain issues at this critical port of entry at no cost to taxpayers, and I am grateful to Senators Cruz and Kelly for their partnership in helping to get this bill passed.”

“The Starr-Camargo Bridge is another vital link for U.S.-Mexican trade, and Texas is proud to facilitate billions in U.S. exports every year. Expanding the Starr-Camargo Bridge will support our farmers and ranchers, manufacturers, and producers by improving transportation and supply chains for both the United States and Mexico,” said Sen. Cruz. “This is a win-win, and I’m proud to work with Sen. Cornyn to deliver this win for Texas, as I continue to work to expedite bridge permits across the Lone Star State.”

“Updating border infrastructure and modernizing land ports of entry improves border security, shortens wait times, and strengthens our supply chains,” said Sen. Kelly. “Commonsense projects, like modernizing the Starr-Camargo Bridge, are critical for border communities, and I’m glad to work with Senator Cornyn on this important project.”


The Starr-Camargo Bridge is an international bridge between Mexico and the United States and serves as an efficient route between the Rio Grande Valley and Mexican cities like Monterrey and Mexico City. This expansion would be fully paid for by existing tolls.