Senator Cornyn

Winter Storms Resources

March 15, 2021

Do you need assistance recovering from the winter storms last month?

Warmer weather may have returned to our state, but that doesn’t mean Texans don’t still need help.

I wanted to reach out and share a list of resources to help you navigate the issues these winter storms caused. Whether you need to hire a contractor or apply for disaster assistance, I’m hoping the below information will help.

I also want to highlight all the good things Texans have done during this difficult time. From Callynth Finney serving the Tyler community by helping provide her neighbors with shelter, necessities, and more to the City of Dallas coming together to help 123 women and children during a time of crisis.

If you’re able to help others in need, you can always visit the Feeding Texas, American Red Cross, or Salvation Army websites to learn about the resources they are providing for people across our state. The way Texans come together never ceases to amaze me.

If you need any additional resources you can always visit my website.

For Texas,

Senator Cornyn