Senator Cornyn

Coronavirus (COVID -19)

I know this past year has been tough – but with vaccines widely available, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The safety and health of Texans has always been my absolute top priority, and I’ve worked tirelessly with local officials, businesses, families, and all types of Texans to ensure everyone who has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic has gotten the help they need.

Getting vaccinated is the fastest way for life to return to normal. Visit or the Texas Department of State Health Services to find your nearest vaccination site today.

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Visite el sitio web del coronavirus de los CDC para obtener recomendaciones e información sobre cómo prevenir la exposición, los síntomas conocidos, y qué hacer si cree que ha estado expuesto a la coronavirus. Para información específica de Texas, visite el Departamento Estatal de Servicios de Salud de Texas. Este sitio web también está disponible en español aquí.

Useful Links

To keep informed on Texas-specific information related to Coronavirus, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services.
For detailed information on everything related to COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website at
To stay up-to-date with all the latest information, you can also follow these organizations on Twitter:
By taking common-sense steps to keep ourselves healthy, we can help ensure the safety of ourselves and our families.