Senator Cornyn

What They’re Saying: Cornyn Relief Bill for Live Music Venues

August 5, 2020

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)’s Save Our Stages Act has earned praise across Texas for its provisions designed to make Small Business Administration grants available for independent live music venue operators affected by COVID-19 and provide six months of financial support to keep venues afloat and preserve a critical cultural and economic industry employing thousands of Texans.

  • “111 Dallas arts groups line up behind proposed Save Our Stages Act… It’s signed by groups ranging from the AT&T Performing Arts Center to the Deep Ellum concert venue Trees,” (Dan Singer, “111 Dallas arts groups line up behind proposed Save Our Stages Act,” Dallas Morning News, 7/29/20)
  • “After four months of being shut down, live music venues could use the relief… The Save Our Stages Act would help venues by offering six months of financial support.” (Andrew Dansby, “What do Cornyn, Klobuchar agree upon? Saving music venues,” Houston Chronicle, 7/24/20)
  • “U.S. Senator John Cornyn introduced legislation set to give relief to music venues that have been shuttered since the pandemic… There’s now a glimmer of hope.” (David Sentendrey, “Save Our Stages Act could give much-needed help to struggling music venues,” KDFW7/24/20)
  • Music Venue Alliance of Texas: “We applaud Senator Cornyn and Congressman Williams for introducing the SOS Act in both the House and Senate. These pieces of legislation are the only real lifelines for our industry.”
  • National Independent Venue Association: “The warning light is flashing red and our only hope is for legislation like Save Our Stages Act… otherwise, most businesses in this industry will collapse.


  • Josh Abbott: “Independent music and entertainment venues have been severely impacted by the inability to operate as a business during COVID-19 quarantine restrictions… I am proud of Senators Cornyn and Klobuchar for introducing a bill protecting these venues from collapsing.”
  • Robert Earl Keen: “Through no fault of our own, the vitality, the passion of making music by the people for the people might disappear… Please support our live music venues.”
  • Randy Rogers: “As an owner of an independent live music venue, as well as a recording artist that has toured all over the country playing thousands of rooms, I know firsthand how much our industry is hurting… The time to support these small business owners and preserve our music culture is now, before it’s too late.”
  • Kevin Fowler: “It would be a shame to let COVID-19 take these music venues from us and our future generations. Let’s please all join together to save our venues. Without them Texas music dies right now.”


  • Nutty Brown Amphitheater and Graceland Grocery: “We have been absolutely decimated by this pandemic. It would be wonderful for our federal government to step up and help out this vital part of American culture.”
  • Red River Cultural District: “What is Austin’s culture and economy without Live Music? And what is our great Texas culture without the Texas two-step? Please support live music and Save Our Stages.”


  • Floore’s Country Store, 502 Bar, The Mix, Limelight: “Led by Texans, SOS fortifies the future of independent venues, not only within our great State, but throughout the nation as a whole—a lifeline forged on the bedrock of just compensation from our Constitutions.”
  • Paper Tiger: “The Save Our Stages Act gives independent venues like mine a fighting chance to survive…and to reopen our doors when the time is right…so we can get back to doing what we love to do.”


  • Kessler Theater: “The difference between making it or not making it for 800-plus live music venues across the state of Texas.”


  • Warehouse Live: “Our business is only successful if we can gather large groups of people, which is not feasible now or in the near future. Without assistance from our Federal Government, closure of our independent, small business is right around the corner.”


  • Billy Bob’s: “We’ve laid off nearly 200 loyal and longtime employees.  This is revenue that is impossible to recoup. No matter how successful the future is, there are months of revenue that we will never regain.”


  • Cine El Rey Theatre, McAllen: “Historically, the dividends paid out with our investment into the arts is priceless. The SOS Act will compound that investment by ensuring America’s most iconic and historical independent venues that have been on the cultural front lines continue their work.”


  • Lowbrow Palace: “The Lowbrow Palace looks like it may be the last remaining independent music venue in the city of El Paso… We need the support that the SAVE OUR STAGES ACT could provide more than ever if want to continue serving our community.”


  • Songbird Live: “Any help that Congress can give the music presenter industry may make the difference in whether or not the music industry collapses.”

Additionally, the Save Our Stages Act is endorsed by the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), the National Independent Talent Organization (NITO), the Recording Academy, Spotify, the Recording Industry Association of America, the Digital Media Association, the National Music Publishers’ Association, the League of American Orchestras, the Songwriters of North America, SoundExchange, Eventbrite, Sony, and Universal.