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Social Security

Social Security is one of our nation’s most important programs. Since its inception in 1935, Social Security has made a tremendous difference in the lives of hundreds of millions of people, dramatically reducing poverty among seniors and assisting the disabled.

The Social Security Administration website provides several online services such as getting or replacing a Social Security card, applying for benefits, and appealing a disability decision.

If you need assistance with a Social Security issue, please fill out the online form at the bottom of this page. Once you submit it, you will be prompted to print, sign,  and return a privacy release to Senator Cornyn’s Dallas office. 

If your issue is time-sensitive, please contact our Dallas office at 972-239-1310.

Social Security Administration1-800-772-1213

  • Obtain or replace your Social Security card
  • Apply online for Social Security benefits
  • Check on the status of your application
  • Request a Social Security statement
  • Estimate your retirement benefits
  • Apply for Medicare
  • Get extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs
  • Appeal a disability decision

Use the Social Security Office Locator to find the local office nearest you.

Original Social Security Card: To apply for an ORIGINAL Social Security card if you have never been assigned a Social Security number before, the Social Security Administration needs at least two documents as proof of:

  • Age
  • Identity
  • U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status

ACCEPTABLE IDENTITY DOCUMENTS: Driver’s license, employer ID card, passport, marriage/divorce record, adoption record, health insurance card (not a Medicare or Medicaid card), military record, life insurance policy, and school ID card.

Duplicate Social Security Card: To apply for a DUPLICATE card (same name and same number), the SSA needs proof of identity.

Corrected Social Security Card: To apply for a CORRECTED card (same number, different/new last name), SSA needs proof of identity. One or more documents that identify you by the old name on SSA records and your new name, e.g. a marriage certificate, divorce decree, a court order that changes your name, is also required. The SSA will also accept two identity documents – one in your old name and one in your new name.

Lost or Stolen Social Security Card: You can apply for a replacement card by filling out Form SS-5. The new card will have the same number as the one lost.

Child’s Social Security Card: Identification for INFANTS and YOUNG CHILDREN that Social Security Administration accepts include recently issued doctor or clinic records, hospital records, daycare center records, school records, or religious records e.g. baptismal records. The name on these documents must match the name you want on the card. A document with a photograph is preferred, however, they generally accept a non-photo identification document only if it has enough information to identify the child by either the child’s name, age, date of birth or parents’ names.

If you have reached age 62 or over and are planning to retire, the Social Security website is the best place to learn about the services and benefits that are offered. You may:

Apply by phone: 1-800-772-1213 / TTY 1-800-325-0778

Apply online: Social Security Benefit Application

Apply in person: Enter your zip code into the Social Security Office Locator to find the Social Security office nearest you. The offices are open Monday through Friday. Please call and confirm the office hours of the location you plan to visit.

Social Security benefits are distributed based on the recipient’s date of birth. Everyone enrolled since May 1, 1997 receives his or her check on the following payment schedule ordered by birth date:

  • 1st – 10th – Payment day is the second Wednesday of every month
  • 11th – 20th – Payment day is the third Wednesday of every month
  • 21st – 31st – Payment day is the fourth Wednesday of every month

Beneficiaries receiving benefits prior to May 1997 or receiving both Social Security benefits and SSI payments receive their benefits on the 3rd of the month if it is a business day. If not, the benefits are paid on the 2nd or the 1st of the month.

The Social Security Administration is currently experiencing an extreme backlog of claims, impacting its processing times. The SSA has provisions in place to expedite claims for individuals facing severe financial and medical hardships. These situations include impending foreclosure, eviction or terminal illness. I cannot guarantee that any case will be expedited or granted a favorable decision

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